The Aperitif

speaks italian


Why an aperitif speaking Italian?

Bla bla bar is an initiative with informal, light, unstructured participation, based on conversation and conviviality.


We want to offer to the foreign community living or passing through Cupramontana and the local neighbourhoods, the opportunity to sit around a table, with a native Italian tutor, drinking a glass of wine, talking freely about the issues of the moment.

  • put your knowledge of the language into practice, 
  • overcome the fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood, talk to the tutor and the other participants.
  • propose topics for debate
  • Group book readings
  • Group newspaper readings and comment 
  • Group movies watching and  comments 
  • discover and propose new events in town
  • make appointments for meetings and excursions,
  • solve doubts about grammar, written and oral communication, constructions, styles, vocabulary, regional speech, idiomatic expressions, etc.

We would like to make this table a point of reference

for people who want to practice the Italian language in a simple and pleasant way: everyone will be able to participate freely, without fixed commitments, when they want to, without any obligation of presence, without the need to follow a program, but only with the willingness to dialogue, conversation, listening and the desire to speak Italian, having a drink in good company.


who is it addressed to?

  • The Try out your skills/ practice your skills activities are aimed at those who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and want to practice and experiment their skills, improve them, increase their communication skills in the language, overcome the fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood, get involved, talk to the tutor and other participants.
  • The activities take place in groups of up to 6 people or individually.


  • At a cost of 20 Euro (all inclusive), enjoy Cupra's best aperitif and have hour and a half of conversation in Italian.



Original aperitif in Italian




…and your italian will be really better


Marco Porta & Lingua Italiana Marche



  • Conversation meeting with aperitif and feedback
  • Costs: 20 Euros per person (all inclusive)
  • Ninety minutes through the Italian language, in contact with the local life, enjoying a typical Italian aperitif.
  • Eat, drink & speak Italian: each time a topic of conversation with some linguistic challenge and problem-solving situations.
  • Practice and improve your communicative skills, become familiar with the Italian language; practice in your journey.
  • Improve your knowledge and get used to speaking Italian.
  • You will receive an e-mail with daily feedback on the most important linguistic and communicational issues.
  • A meeting point between different cultures to talk, get to know, deepen your knowledge.

When and where:

  • Starting on May 2020, from 17.00 to 18,30 hour, in Cupramontana

Language level requested:

  • The try out your skills/ practice your skills activities are aimed at those who already have a BASIC KNOWLEDGE of the italian language.

INFO & reservations: 



Cel.: 004915114241297


Flyer 2020
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