Standard courses


who are they for?

Standard courses are for people who want to study the Italian language in all its aspects, in groups of max 6 people or individually.

  • Standard courses of medium and long duration (1-3 months) are suitable for foreign participants residing in the Marche region or with an expected stay in Italy of one month or more, for work or study reasons.
  • Standard intensive or semi-intensive courses of short duration (1-2 weeks) are suitable for people who wish to take a study holiday or plan a longer future stay or a transfer and want to reach a basic knowledge of the language or improve their skills quickly. 



  • Depending on the starting level, participants will acquire a basic knowledge of the language or improve their knowledge and skills.


Communicative Method

  • People from different countries will be able to learn Italian or improve their knowledge of the language, favouring conversation and practical experience to develop expressive and communication skills early on. 
  • Grammatical aspects will not be neglected, but always starting from the observation of dialogues and texts in language.
  • However, learning Italian means becoming familiar with the culture, habits and everyday life of our country. For this reason, in addition to teaching the language, there will be opportunities for contact with trades, arts, krafts, traditions and everyday life of Cupra and its people.



registrations, reservations?


write to Marco Porta using the attached form or via

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Intensive, semi intensive and standard stages of Italian language for foreignersItalienisch Intensivkurse für Ausländer


STANDARD pathways structured according to modules of 20 hours each:

    duration: 1 week;  
    duration: 2 weeks;
  • Standard long term 
    Duration: 5 weeks (for residents and long-term visitors)


  • From beginner level A.1.1 up to the most advanced level C2


  • PRESENCE: at the classroom of Cupramontana (AN) 
  • BLENDED LEARNING: in presence and online, according to the time and place requirements of the participants


  • Min.3 -max.6 participants: 230 Euro per person.
  • 2 participants: 330Euro per person
  • Individual: 450 euros




Start date: from 15-04-2020 and to be arranged with the participants