Italian as an experience: Le Marche through language and artwork.


A week inside the Italian language for foreign travellers, practicing and improving communication skills and discovering the reality of local handicrafts: ceramics, straw and paper work, dances and popular traditions, decoration on ceramics and textiles.



10 hours of linguistic activity, 5 sessions of two hours each, 5 days during a week, from Monday to Friday.


Combine your activity holiday with a journey in the Italian language and the daily life of this beautiful and authentic region.


The workshop focuses primarily on practicing and improving your communication skills in Italian for daily use.


The teacher, Marco Porta, makes you so familiar with the Italian language that you can practice what you have learned during your free time.


During your stay, you will have one day a handsome experience in a workshop of a local craftman, organized by Federico Brocani of the organization MarchecraftWith audio and video support by the teacher.


And at B&B La Girandola, you will have the chance to practice the Italian language. 

  • A special day session dedicated to a guided experience in the laboratory of a local craftsman. Participants will have the opportunity to observe the craftsman at work, talk with him, ask questions, learn how to work the raw materials and produce their own objects under the guidance of the master.
  • The workshop is designed for foreigners, with the aim of practicing italian language and improving it, overcoming the emotional barriers that hinder communication in a foreign language.
  • The aim is always to improve speaking skills, stimulating self-correction, individual and collective reflection on the language, comparison with other participants. Playful tools will also be used, small moments of challenge will be put in place to better evaluate the linguistic limits of the participant and overcome them. 

Italian as an experience:

Le Marche through language and artwork.


The language journey includes:

  • Monday to Friday, 2 hours workshop per day
  • the workshop take place in the B&B La Girandola.
  • 6 nights with an extensive breakfast buffet.
  • one excursion with MarcheCraft.
  • Price: € 420 (All inclusive)
  • 7 days / 6 nights.
  • price per person based on a double room.
  • booking extra nights is possible.
  • the language trip takes place with at least 4 participants.
  • Transport costs and the costs for other meals are not included.



week 1

10/05 -> 16/05/2020

week 2

06/09 -> 12/09/2020

week 3

11/10 -> 17/10/2020




Starting Language level:

  • from the linguistic knowledge and experience of the participants.




More info:

Marco Porta:   | +4915114241297


Marchecraft:  | +393490905


La Girandola:  | +393287150585

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